The artists will be from both Norway and Brazil, and the list is truly impressive.

From Norway:

(rock, composition, sound experimentation)

Mari Boine
(ethnic folk, electronic as well as natural)

POING trio – Rolf Erik Nystrøm, Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin
(contemporary, folk, classical, composition)

Aksel Kolstad
(Classical piano, composer, humor artist)

Kouame Sereba
(folk from around the world)

Frikar dance troup
(traditional and acrobatic dance + choreography)

Mads Faste Liang Nilsen
Multi media, video, digital mapping)

Kyrre Texnaes
creator of movement, dancer, martial artist, coordinator, workshop holder)

Håkon Kornstad
(jazz and opera)

Bugge Wesseltoft
(jazz, fusion, electronica)

Tuva Syvertsen
(Valkyrien Allstars violin & frontfigure)

Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen


From Brazil:

Musicians from Grupo Pau Brazil, led by the renown musician and producer Rodolfo Stroerer
(jazz, electronica)

Nano Vasconcelos
(world renown percussionist)

Marlui Miranda
(brazilian composer and instrumentalist that researches indigenous music from the Amazon)

Joyce Moreno
(internationally acclaimed bossa nova/ samba singer)

Caixa Cubo Trio
(new style traditional Brazilian, piano/bass/drums)

Felipe Bulle

Luiz Bernardo

Lius Baruch
(percusscion, various instruments)

Lucas E
(percussion, dance)

Lucas Santtana
(strings, tangents)

Grupo Cafe Brazil
(guiars and strings, rikskonsert tour in Norway previously)

Tambor de Terra
(tambor, percussion)

Aira Ocrespo
(street visual artist & rapper)

Camerata Laranjeiras
(strykorkester fra Favelaen)

Camerata Laranjeiras is a string orchestra, which aims to nurture musical and interpersonal skills among gifted musicians from various social classes through regular workshops in their House of Music (Casa da Música Laranjeiras)


The orchestra is a collaborator of COOLymipics, and help facilitate practises and logistics

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Depending on how many constellations they will play with the number of participants from the orchestra will reveal itself during the further development process.