COOLympics is short for Collaboration Olympics.

COOLympics 2016 is a continuation of a series of projects that have been carried out in Europe, Asia and North America since 2004, organized by the Norwegian based culture and arts organization Cosmic Wind Cultural Collaborations.

The core principals of the 2016 COOLympics project in Brazil are to create international culture collaborations on a high artistic level as well as to include grassroot groups from Brazilian local societies.

More than 50 highly skilled artists from two sides of the world meet for two weeks of collaborations and performances.

Expect music of different origin and from a broad specter of genres, as well as dance, capoeira and movement art, multimedia, video-art and visual installations; that will all be mixed as the artists common goal is to develop and create new expressions.

There will be several workshops and both free and ticketed performances for the general public. Also, transmitting the focus of these ideas to young people is an important part of the project

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. This will be achieved through various performances and workshops at schools and youth centers in local city areas.

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